Action Bronson Serves Up Exotic Octopus On ‘Late Night’ With Seth Meyers

Queens-bred chef Action Bronson took a break from music to promote his hilarious cooking show “Fuck That’s Delicious” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. BamBam appeared on the show to chef up some scrumptious octopus, or as Bronsilino calls it — “the bagel of the sea.”

Meyers was not only impressed but he also let Bronson know that he’s a true fan. As the rapper prepared the exotic dish, the Late Night host directly quoted Bronson’s song “Larry Csonka” off his 2011 Dr. Lecter album. “Swirl the wine inside the glass that got the delicate musk,” Meyers said.

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We all know Mr. Wonderful couldn’t leave without giving us some kind of update on his music. Bronson managed to plug his upcoming mixtape Blue Chips 7000 before ending his segment.

Watch Action and Seth Meyers talk about Blue Chips and octopus below.