This Is How Much Amber Rose Reportedly Made Off Her Emoji App Within 24 Hours

Amber Rose sees nothing but dollar signs with this latest feat. According to TMZ, the Philly native raked in more than $2 million within a day’s release of her MuvaMoji app.

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The smartphone feature hosts a few images that speak true to Rose’s colorful personality, an outlet that’ll steadily host new additions. The app also holds the top spot in the App Store.

#1 in the App Store #MuvaMoji available on Android too Muvamoji is one word when u search ??????????????????????

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In a statement, Rose said she wants her app to be used by everyone, and not just her fans. She later added, “The Moji team and I have come up with over 900 icons we are initially launching with and plan to update it regularly by adding more content each week.”

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