Aretha Franklin On Forthcoming Biopic “We’re Ready To Sign For The Movie”

Aretha Franklin is kicking into high gear. Back in 2011, the Queen of Soul announced she was working on a biopic of her iconic life, after almost a five-year hiatus, she says she has plans to really follow through.

“Good news, we’re ready to sign for the movie,” The singer said in an interview, according to Billboard.

The exciting news was matched by even more great news, when the “Respect” singer revealed she has been trying to link with Scott Bernstein, who produced the highly acclaimed biopic for N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton.

“We’ve agreed on all the key points. There’s very little left now (to negotiate), very little. They have given me creative control and that’s all I wanted,” she said.

The “key points,” would most likely include her humble beginnings in Memphis, TN to her chart-topping singles and personal, health issues.

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Previously, Franklin mentioned she wanted Halle Berry to star in the film. Reports also tossed around the idea of Jennifer Hudson being considered for the lead in 2011. But at this time, both the casting and production are still up in the air.

A biopic with J-Hud as the lead and Bernstein behind production, wouldn’t be a bad look. A potential name and release date has not yet been revealed.