Ashton Kutcher Shares Details On A Deleted Scene Of ‘Punk’d’ Feat. Drake

Before we came to know Drake as the self-proclaimed “6 God,” he was just another victim of Ashton Kutcher’s widely-popular prank show Punk’d.

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The program, which had a successful run on MTV in the early 2000s, returned to the forefront on our small screens when Kutcher sat down with The Late Late Show’s host, James Corden, to speak about his hit show and one standout episode being Drizzy’s laughable appearance.

While speaking with Corden, Kutcher revisited the moment which set the “Summer Sixteen” rapper in a parked SUV within a garage that suddenly experienced a man-made earthquake.

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“He was in the car, and we started rattling the car,” Kutcher recalls. “He jumped in his buddy’s lap and he like ‘fetaled up.’ He like ‘Canadian fetaled up’ into his buddy’s lap.” Unfortunately, Kutcher and the producers ended up nixing the entire scene from the final cut.

Check it out below.

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