Azealia Banks Went On A Lengthy Twitter Rant Bashing Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

The uber talented and always outspoken Azealia Banks has once again taken to Twitter to offer her two cents on pop cultural events. This time, the “Big Beat” lyricist is taking aim at Beyonce’s Lemonade. Saturday night (April 23) when presumably the entire nation watched Bey’s hour long event, Banks immediately praised the entertainer’s artistic display, even going as far as to call the HBO special “EXACTLY what pop culture needed”

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After digesting the body of work and sleeping on it, it appears the 24-year-old has had a change of heart, and thinks Bey’s album–littered with vulnerability and blatant hints at marital strife–is a storyline black women don’t need to hear.

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Prior to Banks’ accusations that Bey’s new record is nothing more than a black woman’s pain at the hands of her husband, she in essence called the “Formation” singer a hypocrite.

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Banks has never (and probably will never) be afraid to speak her mind and offer up a stinging critique, even if that criticism is towards Queen Bey. Think Ms. Banks has valid points or she’s just talking?

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