President Barack Obama Speaks On Donald Trump’s Inexperience With Foreign Policy

In response to Donald Trump’s controversial comments concerning the U.S. government’s spending on foreign countries’ defense systems, President Barack Obama called out the Republican pacesetter on his reported inexperience with foreign policy, USA Today reports.

In a press conference at the Nuclear Security Summit on Friday (Apr. 1), Obama highlighted Trump’s lack of knowledge on the topic. “They tell us that the person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean peninsula, or the world generally,” he said.

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Previously, Trump stated that countries like South Korea and Japan should fund their own defense without the support of the U.S. Given Trump’s controversial presidential run, including his headlining rallies, Obama warned that all eyes are on America this election season, which is leaving future voters wary on a viable candidate.

“What we do is really important to the rest of the world, and even in those countries that are used to a carnival atmosphere in their own politics want sobriety and clarity when it comes to U.S. elections,” Obama said, “because they understand that the president of the United States needs to know what’s going on around the world and has to put in place the kinds of policies that lead not only to our security and prosperity, but will have an impact on everybody else’s security and prosperity.”

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Watch the press conference below.