The Internet Still Hasn’t Been Resusciated Following Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Release

Fans still mourning the loss of Prince were given a brief reprieve when Beyonce released her album Lemonade Saturday evening. (April 23) As many watched Bey’s visual display for her sixth-studio LP unfold on HBO, Mrs. Knowles-Carter then forced all our blood pressure to sky rocket when the record unexpectedly (but kind of expectedly) became available on Tidal.

READ Beyonce Pulled A Beyonce And Unexpectedly Released Her ‘Lemonade’ Album

First responders and EMTs were all on hand to help sweep edges into nearby trash bins while resuscitating those who may have gone into a brief cardiac arrest. As fans digested the albums overarching themes such as forgiveness, black womanhood, infidelity, and social justice, Twitter was a flutter. Before the 9 O’clock premiere, Lemonade (which for whatever reason was spelled incorrectly) began trending and as usual, fans, stans, haters and those just looking for a retweet, gave their two cents on Bey’s latest work.

Peep the best reactions here.

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