‘Lemonade’ To Be Available For Download On iTunes At Midnight

By now, you should be sweeping up the last bit of your edges after Beyonce’s surprise release of her sixth studio album Lemonade.

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However, it was to be expected Mrs. Knowles-Carter would release her project solely on Tidal, which was an obvious win for the streaming service. After Rihanna’s sloppy Anti rollout, Tidal made sure all ducks were in row for Bey’s album, and they were.

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But since a lot of Beyonce’s fanbase doesn’t have the artist-owned streaming network, it appears as if there’s hope for Apple Music subscribers. According to The New York Times, the 12-track album, which comes equipped with videos, will be made available for download on iTunes at midnight.

For folks who still haven’t pledged their allegiance to any streaming service, Lemonade is can be purchased for $17.99 at beyonce.tidal.com (TIDAL’s download store) and fans will be given a 90 TIDAL trial when they download the album.

So, if you have Apple Music, you too can now join in on the 50-11 Lemonade lyrics that have been used as Instagram captions. If you have Tidal, you got it first. If you have Spotify…yeah, I don’t know.