After 72 Hours, This Is How The VIBE Staff Feels About ‘Lemonade’


We had three full years to prepare for the release of Lemonade and we still weren’t ready.

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We assumed “Formation”–Beyonce’s upbeat and unapologetic single professing her allegiance to her black skin, culture, coupled with her desire for all women to the be leaders of their own life– would the complete tone of the album. Oh how we were wrong.

Mrs. Carter let us all assume we had her figured out, and then on April 23, just three days after our hearts ached from Prince’s passing, she gave us a bit of a reprieve as we watched for a little more than hour what she’s endured, experienced, what’s still left unresolved and what it ultimately is. The outcome: Lemonade, a beautifully crafted work of art that chronicles Bey’s strength through her vulnerability.

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After a full weekend (and then some) the VIBE staff gave our honest opinion on the 13-track record and well… read on.