Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Fall “Out Of Love” In New Short Film

In support of their recent surprise collaboration, TWENTY88, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko connected on their short film, “Out of Love.” The 15-minute visual, which was released exclusively on TIDAL, travels through time to show the many shades of love.

The short depicts the duo as world-renowned adult film stars, who struggle with their public relationship on and off camera. The film opens with the two at the XXX awards show where they seem to hold a strong front. But as the storyline progresses, time shows that not everything is picture perfect after the director yells cut. As the tracks plays from their collaborated project, the two discuss infidelity, betrayal, and falling in and out of love.

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While the Lawrence Lamont-directed film (who also directed Big Sean’s “IDFWU”) shows the ups and down of being in a relationship, it also draws influences from a number of sources. The film manages to pull visuals from James Bond and Ex-Machina, Jhene Aiko cited in a Flaunt Magazine interview. The 70s aesthetic is definitely prevalent in the retro-style interview with Jhene’s burnt orange wig.

Check out Jhene Aiko and Big Sean hash it out on “Out of Love.”