Bill Clinton Explains Why He’s “Almost Sorry” For Sparring With Black Lives Matter Protestors

Former president Bill Clinton knows Thursday’s (April 6) incident with Black Lives Matter supporters could have gone better, but he doesn’t plan on apologizing anytime soon.

Instead, he wants it to be a lesson he and protestors can learn from.

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In case you missed it, Clinton defended his crime and welfare reform laws during a rally for his wife and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. Protesters held signs and chanted, “black youth are not super predators,” in response to the former first lady’s comments on the crimes committed by the youth.

The former president pulled protestors away from their commentary by claiming the laws were not meant to disproportionate African-Americans, but to put gang members behind bars. “You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter,” he said.

CNN reports the next day at another rally in Erie, Penn.,  Clinton addressed the incident and explained he almost wanted to apologize for his actions.

“We see all these rallies interrupted by people that are angry,” he said. “Now I like and believe in protests. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t ’cause I engaged in some when I was a kid but I never thought I should drown anyone else out and I confess maybe it’s just a sign of old age but it bothers me now when that happens. So I did something yesterday in Philadelphia I almost want to apologize for but I want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country.”

He also expressed people from all cultures and beliefs should listen to a side other than their own. Since the start of Clinton’s campaign, critics have wondered if her husband would remain an ally in her race to The White House or a potential threat. His policies on the war in Iraq and his infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky have been brought up during the race.

Meanwhile, Clinton has remained quiet on her husband’s recent comments. On Saturday, she took a trip to Juniors in Brooklyn ahead of the New York primary. Her NY-isms began just a few days before when she rode the subway a handful of stops in the Bronx where she met with supporters and took photos with the kids.

It’s only right Clinton is all about New York. The state Democratic primary is on April 19 and contender Bernie Sanders (a Brooklyn native) is also making moves throughout the city. Clinton, who has made the state her home since 8-year senate run, has a lead of 219 delegates, The New York Times reports. Sanders would need a little over than half of the pledged delegates to add a much-needed jolt to his candidacy. New York has a total of 291 delegates and 44 superdelegates.

Time to prepare for the quest for the Big Apple.

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