Personal Legend: Bizzy Crook Opens Up About New Project Inspired By “The Alchemist”

Since releasing his 2014 mixtape Coming To America, Bizzy Crook — né Lazaro Camejo, has ventured well outside his comfort zone in attempt to set himself apart from the rat pack of new school MCs. Crook’s career ascended to new levels when he became Tidal’s first Discovery artist, which then led to international reach and a larger fanbase. After he made his debut at Made In America in Philadelphia last year, the 84 rapper shifted gears into overdrive to create a more cohesive catalog of music for new fans.

Outside of Starbucks, near his house in Weston, FL, the Afro-Dominican lyricist braves wind gusts and grey skies to break his prolonged silence on what he’s been working on over the course of two years. “I’m getting ready,” says Crook. “I’m in the studio every night. I cut like 50 records. The project is probably going to be 12-15 tracks.”

A Part Of Everything will be Bizzy Crook’s sixth project, the follow up to his most recent compilation While You Were Away. The 19-track mixtape consists of songs from his previous projects along with scattered unreleased singles like “Milli” featuring Fat Trel, “Hood Celebration” featuring Chicago rapper Lil Durk and L.A.’s rising star Ye Ali.

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Crook is purposeful about his new mixtape being a means to get some things off his chest. The Florida rapper, straight out of Broward County, plans to vent over beats crafted by Toronto producers Daniel Worthy, Zalesky of the Maven Bros and Maybach Music Group’s Foreign Teck of The MeKanics.

“This time I’m just letting it all out,” Crook shares. “I’m not scared of being judged. I’m just telling my story like all the mistakes I’ve made, everything I’ve been through, the sh*t I’m not proud of. I’m just letting it out.”

The first single from A Part Of Everything is set to drop any moment now.

We caught up with Bizzy Crook to talk more about his new project—inspired by one of the greatest-selling novels in history, his experience with Tidal and plans to go overseas. —Tony Centeno

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VIBE VIVA: Let’s talk about why you dropped While You Were Away. I know it’s a compilation, but it also allowed you to drop off some fresh tracks from your stash.
Bizzy Crook: While You Were Away is really self-explanatory. The thing is, after Made In America, up until now, I’ve made a lot of new fans who weren’t caught up on my older music. A lot of my older music is essential to my story so I wanted to get everybody caught up. There are records like “If It Isn’t You” which is on 84, and the new fans haven’t heard it. It’s very essential to my story, so I put that on there, and of course a couple of new joints. I got “Hood Celebration” featuring Durk and Ye Ali, which is new.

I heard that one, and it definitely enticed me. How did you guys link up?
Me and Durk linked through my man Josh aka Star Quality. He’s an A&R for Coke Boys. That’s my dog, and he’s from Miramar (FL). We actually did the record like last year. Lil Durk had pulled up. We got in the stu. We did our verses. Then when I was in Cali about 4-5 months ago, I linked with Ye Ali and said ‘Yo I got this record.’ Then he did the hook on it. It took some time.

I know you’re working on something else. What’s the direction for the next project?
So the project’s called “A Part Of Everything,” and it’s about everything connecting. You ever read “The Alchemist”?

Of course.
My dog! Yeah, so it’s heavily inspired by “The Alchemist.” I’ve read it about three times now. It’s about a boy who goes on a journey to find himself and goes through all the headaches, but he finds out that everything is a part of your destiny. So it’s just me man… I was real vulnerable on “No Hard Feelings” and sh*t, but sometimes I hold back a little. This time I’m just letting it all out. I’m not scared of being judged. I’m just telling my story like all the mistakes I’ve made, everything I’ve been through, the sh*t I’m not proud of. I’m just letting it out.

You’ve been bouncing around from Florida, New York and Los Angeles. What’s your next move? Where do you see yourself in the next year?
In the next year, I’m going to be touring. I just want to be on the road 12 months out of the year.

I know you’ve got a deal with Tidal going on. What’s your affiliation with them as of late?
I was Tidal’s first Discovery artist. They got a program called “Discovery” where they find all the new artists. They genuinely like to discover new music and they have a great hear for that. So they reached out and brought me out to Cali. We shot a couple of pieces and then did Made In America. We’re definitely putting out the new project through Tidal. They get everything first and then we’ll see where it goes.

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How do you feel about Tidal’s future?
First and for most, Jay Z is my favorite rapper. Anything Jay Z is involved with, I’ve always supported all the way back to the Roc-A-Wear days man. I think Tidal is going to be great. Obviously, it’s not just Jay Z. There are a lot of people involved with Tidal, like Madonna, Beyonce, etc. There’s a lot of heavyweights. So there’s a lot of people from the industry that know the industry, but what a lot of people don’t know is, Tidal pays more than I wanna say every other streaming service for streams. So they are really cutting out the middleman and they’re for the artists. It was created by artists.

Word. So with the summer coming up, will you be dropping your new project?
I’m definitely going to be dropping A Part Of Everything within the next two months. I already got something else planned for the summer. I’m dropping a mixtape, but the dope thing about it is that I rap over all the beats we grew up to, but it’s random as sh*t. People are going to be like ‘Oh he touched this sh*t AND he killed it?’

It’s kind of like a throwback mixtape then?
Yeah, but what’s really going to make it is my selection. It’s going to be sh*t like ‘aw man you took it there.’ If you’re a ‘90s kid, you’re going to go crazy.

How has your process in the studio changed over the past few years? I remember going to a few of your sessions awhile back. What’s changed since then?
This project it was a lot more—I love my homies, I love my bros, but I had to kick everybody out for this one. It’s been really small sessions, real private sessions just because I’m tapping into a new realm of mind. So I just want my friends, my family, everyone to enjoy it together. No one has heard the music. I want everybody to be just as surprised.

That’s dope. Are you planning a tour as well?
I tour after every project, so I’ll definitely be on the road right after.

Any place new you want to go to in particular?
Overseas bro. I’ve been almost everywhere in America. I got to go overseas. The fans over there just appreciate sh*t so much.