Bow Wow Revisits His Explanation Of “The Dab” In A New Interview

Rapper/actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss found himself in a public rift late 2015 with a few members of the Migos collective when he sought to share the genesis of the term “dab.”

Originally, the CSI: Cyber co-star wanted to make it clear that “dab” derives from “a strong way to smoke marijuana, it’s the purest form of marijuana.” Within his video, he continued to say, “It’s extremely strong, so the dance comes from when you smoking and you coughing, the first thing you do is [hits dab].”

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The Migos, who are credited with popularizing the dab dance, claimed Bow Wow “must of got a little too high this morning.”

But the “Outta My System” artist remained true to his opinion on the phrase, so much so that he further explained his stance in a new interview with Real Talk NY. When asked about his immediate reaction to the Migos’ backlash, Bow Wow said, “I don’t know why they took it out of context to where it was like overhype everything I say. We didn’t mean nothing by it. Like I said, it’s a dance. I’m not beefing over a dance.”

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In the end, Bow Wow wants to put this situation behind him and said if the Migos want to take credit for this dance wave, who’s he to prevent that from happening?

“If they felt like they invented the dab movement, if they felt like they took that terminology, dab, and made it a dance,” he said, “if they felt like that’s theirs, they have a right to feel some type of way if that’s how they feel.”

Listen to his entire explanation below.

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