A Bronx Man Faces 40 Years In Prison For Killing A Man He Owed 40 Cents

A Bronx man has been found guilty in the shooting death of his neighbor due to an alleged 40 cents debt.

Prosecutors say back in 2013, 45-year-old Lamont Jones purchased a cigarette from 35-year-old Ibushio Sealey and owed him 40 cents. The two quarreled over it for sometime even after Jones claims to have paid Sealey the four-dime debt, officials said.

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The dispute turned deadly on August 26 when Jones shot Sealey five times with four of those bullets entering the victim’s back inside their building on Andrew’s Avenue in the University Heights section of The Bronx.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, like many, couldn’t fathom how a dispute over mere pennies led to this.

“The senselessness of this crime is incomprehensible,” Clark said. “The victim and defendant had been arguing about the defendant’s delay in paying the 40 cents he owed for a loose cigarette, and a petty matter led to the murder of one man and a possible life sentence for another.”

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After a two week trial, Jones was found guilty of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second degree murder. He faces up to 15 years on the weapons charge alone and 25 years on the murder charge.

Jones will be sentenced May 10.