In A New Statement, Chameleon Entertainment CEO Maintains Neutrality In Brandy’s Record Label Lawsuit

Recently, news surfaced that revered artist Brandy Norwood reportedly filed a lawsuit against her label, Chameleon Entertainment, EW reports. The award-winning singer stated that the music entity was holding her back from releasing new music plus albums, and ultimately ended up “signing a new recording and distribution agreement containing terms far worse than her current agreement.”

Now, a spokesperson for Chameleon Entertainment’s CEO, Breyon Prescott, issued a statement to VIBE on the matter. After reaching out via email, the statement reads, “Brandy has taken unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant by filing false outrageous claims and speaking on social media.”

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The passage continues to state that Prescott’s partnership with Brandy “was the product of his strong belief that her career deserves to and can be revitalized. He tried to create a conduit for her to find an effective outlet for her music by presenting her a new deal to secure distribution. At no point has this process generated meaningful revenue for Mr. Prescott. As one of Brandy’s most consistent supporters, his professional connection to her precedes her recent negotiations with Sony. Breyon wishes nothing but the best for Brandy and believes she deserves a prosperous career.”

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The statement also reads that the actress/vocalist wasn’t “blocked or controlled from recording or releasing new music. In January of 2016, she released a single “Begging and Pleading,” without any resistance from Chameleon Entertainment.” It further claims that the label was also unaware of Brandy’s latest release of her hit melody “Begging and Pleading,” but took no action to stifle the song’s promotion.

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