Colombian Artist Doris Salcedo’s Latest Exhibit Conveys The Loss And Trauma Of Displacement

Culturally significant parts of New York (and other major cities for that matter) throughout the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens may be experiencing the plight of gentrification, but Colombia remains the Western Hemisphere’s largest internally displaced population with more than 5.7 million people uprooted from their homes as of 2015.

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Renowned toast of the art world Doris Salcedo’s new exhibit at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) brings into conversation the silenced victims of oppression and civil conflict in Third World countries like her native Colombia, reminding us all the while of the collective loss and trauma that comes with experiencing displacement by social and political activity.

CREDIT: Pérez Art Museum Miami

A Flor de Piel (below), for example, was born out of a story about “a Colombian nurse who was dismembered by paramilitary forces,” says Miami New Times. The crimson-colored shroud, which blankets the entire display area, consists of a quarter-million rose petals stitched together.

Salcedo’s work is up on view April 22-July 17, 2016 at PAMM.

CREDIT: Pérez Art Museum Miami

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