Columbus Short Violates Probation After Failed Drug Test

Columbus Short is in deep waters.

The former Scandal star recently failed a drug test, according to People, and this slip up may be just the thing to land him some time behind bars.

According to reports obtained by The Associated Press, the actor’s drug test contained traces of marijuana and cocaine. News of Short’s forbidden drug use comes just seven months after The Stomp The Yard actor pleaded no contest in court to punching a man in an L.A. restaurant in 2014.

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Short was originally sentenced to three years of supervised probation, two months of community service anger management counseling, and mandatory drug tests. Since failing his drug test is in direct violation of his probation, there may be some larger consequences coming his way.

After a Superior Court judge learned of Short’s test results, Short has been scheduled to a mandatory court date in May. Since Short’s record is also marked with abuse, assault charges, and drug uses, there’s no telling whether the judge will be lenient.