Dame Dash Says The Loss Of Aaliyah Turned Him Into An “Animal”

In a rare moment of vulnerability, the always outspoken, and oftentimes brash Dame Dash opened up about how the loss of Aaliyah and his mother turned him into a self-described “animal.” In a two-minute preview clip for VH1’s Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, Dash sporting a shaved down salt-and-pepper beard speaks from a place few have scene about a topic he keeps close to the vest.

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“I lost my girl, a couple years back, Aaliyah in a plane crash. I wasn’t expecting that and also my mother died and at the time my father wasn’t in my life, the only person that took care of me was my mom.” the 44-year-old entrepreneur said. “So I was always afraid that she was going to die and then my worst nightmare happened, she died. You know, everything that scared me is losing people I love and everyone that I really love, as it relates to females, I’ve lost. So what it’s made me be is the animal that I am because I don’t want to sit down and think about the things that are hurting me but you know…”

After explaining the root of his hurt, Dash then further details his inability to show compassion to those left in his life based upon a self-created metric of whether or not they’re still alive, to which he then deems whatever problem at hand, minor.

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“But you understand what I’m saying, I might be sad about something but then I’ll be like I’m not even sad about that because nobody died,” Dash said.

Watch the clip below to hear the sound advice Dr. Jenn offers.

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn airs Wednesday night at 8PM