‘OITNB’ Star Diane Guerrero Is Gripped By The Fear Of Deportation ‘In The Country We Love’

You know her best as Maritza Ramos from Orange is the New Black and Lina from Jane the Virgin, but in recent years, Diane Guerrero’s played an active role in shedding light on the plight of being undocumented in America. In November 2014, she penned an open letter about her parents being deported back to Colombia when she was in high school, recalling the pain and horror of it all.

Guerrero delves deeper into the experience in her new memoir, In the Country We Love, in stores May 3. Ahead of the official book release, Guerrero reads from the audiobook courtesy of EW, giving us haunting details on her lived experience of losing her family to deportation.

“With every ring of my family’s doorbell, with every police car passing in the street, a horrifying possibility hung in the air: my parent, might one day, be sent back to Colombia,” she opens. “That fear permeated every part of my childhood, day after day, year after year, my mom and day tried desperately to become American citizens and keep out family together. They pleaded, they planned, they prayed. They turned to others for help. And in the end, none of their efforts were enough to keep them here, in the country we love.”