Dominican Artists Will Get To Exclusively Showcase Their Work At This Art Fair

Dominican artists from around the world now have the opportunity to showcase their work at an art fair being put on exclusively for Quisqueyanos in the Uptown sector of Manhattan.

The exhibition, named after and hosted by ARTFORO, will span the course of three days and kicks off Thursday (Apr. 7), at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center. Oscar Abreu, the event’s coordinator and artist says they’ve planned the event for months now. “The process started about eight months ago with this idea,” Abreu told DNAinfo. “We knew an event like this was necessary.”

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Abreu notes that many artists from France to Mexico wanted to take part in the exhibit as well, but ARTFORO’s publisher only wanted to shed light on Dominican-born artists and those of Dominican descent. The next festival, he promises, will be an international one-for-all.

Featured artists include some traveling from the Dominican Republic—Joaquin Rosario, Willy Perez, Aram Musset, Pedro Gallardo, Mariano Sanchez and Pablo Palasso. U.S.-born artists include Abreu himself, from Washington Heights, and Van Robert, who lives in Miami.

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“We want to demonstrate to the community that Dominican art hasn’t been left behind. We wanted to show that this is a community that wants to grow in the arts,” Abreu added. “Something extraordinary happens when we’re before great art, and we want to bring that here. We want to trust in the power that the arts has to transcend and go beyond our understanding.”

For more information on event and tickets, visit here.