Watch Erykah Badu Surprise Newark High School Students With Impromptu Lunchtime Performance

Despite the social media debate Erykah Badu sparked Monday evening, the But You Cain’t Use My Phone singer showed off her charitable side Tuesday (April 12) when footage hit the Internet of her surprising students at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, N.J. Wearing sweat pants, a head wrap and sporting her trademark smile, FatBellyBella spoke with administrators beforehand and asked they not introduce her to see if the students knew who she was.

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As she danced into the noisy cafeteria, the DJ began playing her 1997 hit “On and On” from her debut album Baduizm. Some students looked at Badu as if she were someone’s crazy aunty, while others–after furrowing their brows and thinking for a bit–were able to put two and two together.

Although the four minute clip was filmed back in 2014, Badu’s presence was requested to partake in the school’s Future Project which believes “young people everywhere should have opportunity to discover their potential and build the skills they need to change their lives and world.”

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Whether your familiar with Badu’s 20 year catalog or not (and you should be) you cannot deny her warm and fun aura. Watch as Sevyn, Mars and Puma’s mama sings to the kids, take a playful bite out of one the students lunch and even get on top of a table.