Find Your Equilibrium With Camille Safiya’s ‘Indigo’ EP

The road to R&B isn’t hard to navigate when you have acts like Camille Safiya lighting the way. The Cuban-Dominican singer is one of the many soulful voices today singing the blues, with her new project Indigo.

Tracks like “Transplant Generation” and “Mirage” tell stories about the wonders of love, while “Indigo” touches on freedom, peace and creativity. Her newest EP is a compilation of soulful acoustics, which breaks away from her heavy hip-hop influence like on her 2015 effort, 24K.

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In addition to Indigo, Safiya dropped a video to the title single that depict striking moments of solitude, like praying before a rising sun and train-riding solo through the concrete jungle. With the help of composer Spencer Crowe, Safiya’s journey to fulfill her life’s purpose is one we can all follow fluidly.

What’s more, Safiya’s gained some new fans after being listed on Tidal’s “Weekly Brew” Playlist, which feature renowned artists such as Kygo, Fetty Wap and Beyoncé.

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