Forgotten Laughs: Here Are 9 Black Shows You Missed Out On

Laughs aren’t hard to come by these days. With every show geared towards a diverse audience, chances are you can find the perfect TV shows for you. Sadly, it wasn’t always this way. Many TV shows of the past few decades featured black cast members, but barley lasted a season, let alone an episode.

Some featured characters in sitcom-worthy situations, while others were just way ahead of their time. While the majority of fans were fawning over the Fresh Prince or relating to love with Moesha, others shows chilled under the radar waiting for a little love and ratings push.

It didn’t happen for these underrated shows, but thanks to a little thing called the Internet you can catch up on these forgotten gems. Instead of pulling far-fetched pranks for cheap laughs today, check out these black sitcoms and comedies that once gave us life.