Freeway Will Detail His Battle With Kidney Disease In New Documentary

Philadelphia’s own Freeway understands the plight of major stars like Nick Cannon, Natalie Cole, and Tracy Morgan who have all suffered from kidney-related ailments, and now he wants to make a difference by sharing his personal battle against kidney disease. The State Property rapper plans to drop a new album and a detailed documentary both titled Free Will.

Freeway, who was born Leslie Edward Pridgen, recently dropped off the first trailer from the upcoming film. The documentary will detail the story of his battle and give fans a personal, behind-the-scenes look of his life and career with glimpses of his fight against his medical issues. He also discusses his feelings about dialysis and how it affects his music career.

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“It was life altering. It was devastating to me,” Freeway said after he first found out about his diagnosis. “In my younger days I drained so much out of the community, doing negative things…I feel I can be a good example to people just by sharing my story.”

After raising awareness of kidney disease (also known as renal disease), donating to fund research, and participating in events like the National Kidney Foundation’s Philadelphia Kidney Walk, the Philly MC plans to give back to the community and become an advocate for healthy living.

Free’s forthcoming LP Free Will is set to drop Apr. 29th.

Watch the trailer for the film below.