Future Calls Ciara’s Last Album A “Flop” In His Counter Lawsuit

In the on-going public saga between Ciara and Future, Future is firing back against CiCi’s $15 million defamation lawsuit by claiming he didn’t damage her career or reputation. According to sources Future alleges while the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” singer has a “reasonably large” fanbase, her last album was a “flop.”

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For those of you not keeping up with the A1 pettiness between these two, Ciara filled a defamation lawsuit against her ex-fiance after the Evol artist went on a lengthy Twitter rant, and then accused her of keeping their son away from him. Nayvadius then also said Ciara hasn’t won any awards since 2013.

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Future wants the court to prohibit Ciara from talking about him and to also pay for his legal fees he’s racked up.

And it’s only Wednesday people.