HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Art Series

As the highly anticipated Game of Thrones’ season six premiere approaches, HBO is launching a unique art experience influenced by memorable moments from the monster series. An eclectic and diverse group of artists were asked to reinterpret memorable scenes from the series through a curated collection of vivid art installations.

The Art The Throne launches this week with the release of digital video diaries on which capture the artists’ creative processes. There will also be an exclusive launch party in New York City on April 20th, where the physical installations will be displayed.

HBO will host all five video diaries where fans can explore the campaign and learn more about each artist. Game of Thrones kicks off its sixth season on Sunday, Apr 24.

​”Game of Thrones’ White Walker­undead scene is one of the most emotional and shocking scenes,” said paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka. “I used white paper and lighting to bring the White Walker back to life and to recapture that intensity. I can’t wait to see it in the environment with all the lighting ­ that’s the moment of truth.”

“As an illustrator, I seek to manifest the part of the individual that exists within,” said illustrator Marcos Chin. “For my piece, I decided to portray the badass woman fighter Brienne of Tarth and really get to the depth of what makes her so unconventional and vulnerable.”

Watch the first two videos below.