‘Hands Of Stone’ Follows Legendary Boxer And Panamanian Hero Roberto Durán

Venezuelan-born actor Edgar Ramirez takes on the role of a lifetime in Hands of Stone, as legendary boxer and Panamanian hero Robert Durán, who made his professional debut circa 1968 at 16-years old and grew to be one of the greatest brawlers of all time. The Jonathan Jakubowicz-produced film also stars Robert de Niro as his trainer Ray Arcel, Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard and beloved Panamanian salsa singer, Ruben Blades.

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In June 1980, Durán defeated Sugar Ray in a bout for the coveted WBC welterweight title, but sent shock waves through the boxing world when he retreated to his corner in their historic November rematch, famously uttering the word “no mas.”

“I think it’s a great movie,” said Ramirez to Variety. “It not only tells the tale of a legendary Latin American boxer, it also tells the story of a man who became a hero in his country and his region. Panama has somehow always been a country under foreign control, so there’s always been a question of identity. Roberto Duran in many moments, including in some of the most difficult moments in the country’s history, has served as an instrument of unification and celebration of the pride of the country, and that’s is very beautiful.”

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According to Ramirez, Hands of Stone will play on 2,600 screens on August 26, making it “the biggest ever U.S. opening for a Latin American film.”