Here’s What Prince Meant To Prince Royce

Since news of Prince’s untimely death hit the ‘net, a slew of celebrities from all walks have taken to social media to pay tribute to the global icon. Dominican heartthrob and beloved bachatero Prince Royce unsurprisingly followed suit.

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The 26-year-old Bronx native not only shares the same stage name as the late singer, but he is also a part of the fabric of musicians affected and influenced by The Purple One. “He was an artist that I would and will always jam to,” he tells Billboard. “I always listened to songs like ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Little Red Corvette’ and one thing that always stood out to me from his music was his reach vocally.”

Prince Royce was equally impacted by Prince’s offbeat sense of fashion and musical prowess, which in turn gave Royce permission to strive for his own originality. “I have certain songs even in my bachata songs that I would tell the engineer and producers ‘hey, let’s do some Prince sh*t here’,” he continued. “He was just more than just a singer, he was a musician and would kill it in the guitar, on the solos, he had his own style/fashion, when he would come through in the heels, that was him and we’ll always remember him for that. He’s a legend and his music will live on forever.”

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The day Prince sadly departed, Prince Royce tweeted: “We lost a legend today. RIP PRINCE; He will live forever and continue to inspire through his awesome legacy.”