Hillary Clinton Stops By ‘The Breakfast Club’ And Reveal She Too Keeps Hot Sauce In Her Bag

There’s no easy or clever way to start this, so we’re just going to come right out and say it: Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady who is running for president of the U.S. of A, sat down with the Breakfast Club Monday (April 18) to reveal she too keeps hot sauce in her bag.

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As we all know, the entire hot sauce in one’s bag movement began when Beyonce released her surprise song and video “Formation” 24 hours before her Super Bowl performance. Since the reveal of Bey’s racially charged video and song, it’s now widely accepted to dig in one’s purse and pull out your personal bottle of Frank’s Red Hot.

While the interview took place a few hours ago, the audio and video isn’t available just yet, however, Twitter being the savage that it is, simply couldn’t let the former secretary of state be great and voiced what they believed was their annoyance with her lack of sincerity. Clinton’s claim that she carries hot sauce in her purse comes on the heels of the Democratic presidential hopeful playing a game of dominoes in East Harlem at a senior center.

Check out some of Twitter’s reactions to Clinton’s hot sauce claims.

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