Hillary Clinton Was Super Excited After Winning A Game Of Dominoes In East Harlem

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hitting the campaign trail hard in New York, and seeing as though the city’s primaries are Tuesday (April 19) both the former First Lady and Sen. Bernie Sanders are doing their best to secure the votes from the Big Apple.

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After their contentious Brooklyn debate, Sanders headed left to the West Coast to speak to the Coachella crowd, while Clinton stayed stateside to continue garnering supporters. While in East Harlem Friday (April 15) at a senior center, Clinton stopped to play a game of dominoes with residents and simply couldn’t hold back her joy when she won a round.

The video, which was captured by NBC News Producer Monica Alba, has been retweeted nearly 1,000 times with some believing the moment was contrived and lacked sincerity, while others balked at Clinton’s inability to slam the winning domino on the table as a widely accepted general rule to demonstrate victory.

However you feel about it, check out the clip below.

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