#NotMyAbuela: 9 Cringe-Worthy Times Hillary Clinton Pandered To People Of Color

From same-sex marriage to immigration reform to political identity, Hillary Clinton is now infamous for contradicting her stance on some of America’s most pressing issues. But that hasn’t stopped the most viable female presidential candidate from saying and doing just about anything to get your vote. Even the ever so corny (and insulting) act of pandering, namely to people of color, is a viable tactic in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton.

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From her most cringe-worthy #Hispandering moment when her campaign released a listicle on how Clinton is “just like your abuela,” to her latest “hot sauce in my bag” comment on The Breakfast Club (before admitting she’s pandering to African Americans), la sinvergüenza is shamelessly crusading a struggle campaign of “keeping it real.”

See more of Hillary’s pandering tactics in the gallery above.