A Prince Hologram Could Possibly Be In The Works

It hasn’t been a full week since Prince’s untimely passing, yet Hologram USA said it would be more than willing to produce a hologram version of the Purple One. The company that brought Tupac back for Coachella fans, said if in the future fans and the estate wanted to honor the icon, they would be up to the challenge.

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“We are mourning the loss of Prince along with his millions of fans. If at some point in the future his estate and the fans feel a hologram performance would be a fitting tribute, we’d be honored to celebrate the Sexy Motherf***er in every way,” CEO Alki David said.

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Hologram Prince may join the ranks of Biggie, Billie Holiday and Selena if the estate and fans deem it fitting. However, being as though Prince has just been cremated, let’s get through the grieving process first, and table all this hologram talk for a later date. Cool? Cool.