Ice Cube Called On Snoop Dogg, Common, MC Ren & DJ Yella At Coachella 2016

Ice Cube should have graced the Coachella stage a long time ago. On the West Coast, the festival’s home, Cube is a hip-hop pioneer who helped pave the way for unapologetic hip-hop with strong social commentary.

Adding to that, it was only this year when N.W.A. was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as well. With all things said, 2016’s mega festival was still a glorious stage for the Hollywood mogul. Even with his current role as a movie machine, the L.A. native went back to his Gangsta rap roots for his Coachella debut.

Draped in a customized white Dickies suit, the veteran came prepared for war as he performed the most powerful records from his catalog on Saturday night (Apr 16). Cube wasn’t shy — as usual — of addressing the law enforcement backstage either. It seemed like he couldn’t wait to rock N.W.A’s most controversial record of all time, “F*ck The Police.” N.W.A.’s MC Ren and DJ Yella came out to help restore the feeling of when rap’s most dangerous group was touring the world. He even made it a point to tell the crowd that Coachella organizers didn’t want him perform the track, which could have been a fib for theatrics. Either way, it worked, and the largely Caucasian crowd loved every minute of it.

With Dub-C by his side, the Compton O.G. went in with banger after banger — “Straight Outta Compton,” “We Be Clubbin,” and “You Can Do It” — were just a few of his hits that swayed the 50,000 plus fans to get up and moving. He also gave the audience something deeper to chew on with a raucous performance of “Why We Thugs.” Another moment of clarity came when he invited Common to the stage for “Real People.” His son, Oshea Jackson, Jr., was the last guest before the grand finale.

Cube closed things out by calling on another Cali hero to the stage with the sole intention of giving the fans exactly what they wanted. With the West coast smoke thick in the air, Snoop Dogg C-walked out onstage to join his old friend for “Go To Church.” Afterwards, The Doggfather performed the L.A. anthem “Next Episode” to bring things officially on home.

#VIBEOnSite #Coachella2016 | Snoop Dogg came through for Ice Cube's set.

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#VIBEOnSite #Coachella2016 | O'Shea Jr. hit the stage with his father, too.

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