Indiana Man To Sue Dentistry After He Wakes Up With No Teeth

This is probably the perfect reason why candy-lovers don’t trust dentists.

According to RTV6Indiana native Donny Grigsby is seeking a possible malpractice lawsuit after all of his teeth were removed during a surgery last month at White River Dental.

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Grisby’s wife, Amanda says her husband was scheduled to have four teeth pulled out during the March appointment. After waiting five hours for her husband to come out of the surgery, she realized something was wrong.

“He had been put into a medically induced coma, and he was laying there crying,” Amanda said. Due to fears of his infection allegedly spreading, the dentist decided to remove all of Grisby’s teeth during the surgery. He flatlined twice while on the way to the hospital. “I am so ashamed now. I have no teeth,” he said. While his wife was given the excuse about his infection, Grisby says he still doesn’t understand why all of his teeth were taken out. Weeks after the surgery, he suffers from blood clots and now walks around with an oxygen tank.

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Dr. Aaron Strickland and Dr. Brittany Curnutt are the practicing dentists at White River Dental. In statements released to the public through Karen Cantou Consulting, Dr. Strickland has indicated the surgery was explained before any teeth were pulled.

“Every patient and issue is different and we evaluate each and every part of the oral cavity and the health of the patient before presenting a treatment plan,” Strickland said. “I assure you that every patient and/or legal guardian has the treatment explained to them thoroughly, and all the proper consent forms are signed prior to any treatment being performed on any patient at White River Dental.  I, as well as all of our well-trained staff, strive in every situation to make sure the patient and/or legal guardian understands all issues that may arise prior to accepting the treatment plan, as well as making sure they understand our due diligence in securing positive final results.”

He also added a not so needed story about his own dental struggles to soften the blow.

“Dr. Strickland states that he was born with a congenital birth defect that has resulted in 18 oral related surgeries,” the statement reads. “Because of my own dental history, it has been my life goal to be the best dentist I can possibly be and to treat my patient in the way that I want to be treated,” he said.

The Grigsbys haven’t announced the damages they’re seeking in the suit. The dentistry has called the accusations defamatory and are planning their own case in court.

Well, there’s always veneers. They work well for Young Thug.

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