Jessica White Blasts Blac Chyna And Kylie Jenner For Their “Attention Seeking Antics”

Many are still grieving and quite frankly in shock after learning Prince passed away today (April 21) Celebrities, musicians, fans and even President Barack Obama all took a moment to recognize Prince’s musical genius, and expressed their condolences in heartfelt Tweets and Instagram posts.

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However, as fans spun Prince’s greatest hits in honor of the late artist, Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner, who many assumed were at odds, came forward to tell their followers they’ve actually been best friends the entire time. Upon learning of this, model Jessica White wasn’t here for the duo’s “attention seeking antics” and blasted them on social media for not respecting that a music legend died, saying:

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive today but As I write this with tears in my eyes Because my favorite artist just passed. but y’all I want to just scream at the sheer disrespect shown to a great legend by @kyliejenner and @blacchyna and every news outlet that picks up this story. You couldn’t just wait for all your attention seeking antics that would be to much like right huh!?

“There’s a special place for people like you,” White said. “This world of new humans has no respect for life, this is why we need to weed out talentless celebs.”

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White’s post merited a little more than 1,600 likes with commenters expressing a mixed bag of emotion. Some agreed with White, while others thought White’s comments were an exaggeration and one’s person’s death (even if that person is Prince) shouldn’t stop people from posting a photo (even if those people are Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna)

It’s been a rough day, people. Everyone, let’s just resume tomorrow. Cool? Cool.