Kali Uchis Is The “Only Girl” Of Vince Staples & Steve Lacy’s Dreams In New Video


Kali Uchis is a blonde bombshell straight out of old Hollywood in her latest video. The singer recently dropped the visual for her single, “Only Girl,” and after seeing it, there’s no wonder why she has vocalist Steve Lacy and rapper Vince Staples wanting to be her only one.

The 22-year-old directed the video alongside Valentine Street, which is why it oozes of her colorful and animated aesthetic. The video is almost like a polaroid from the past, giving off a lot of vintage and dreamy vibes. Kali is dressed in white lingerie with a bleach-blonde hairstyle surrounded by soft colors. Staples provides the edge in the video, as he drives by a dancing Kali in a vintage, red convertible.

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Press play and check out the video for “Only Girl” below.