‘Ye And ‘Be: Listen To This Orchestra’s Mashups Of Beethoven And Kanye West Songs

The Young Musicians Foundation held a concert Saturday Apr. 15 in Los Angeles. In a set arranged by Stephen Feigenbaum, the 70-piece orchestra combined the sounds of Ludwig Von Beethoven and Kanye West’s album Yeezus to create a musical masterpiece that you must hear to believe.

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“The piece we just heard by Beethoven has this ending that’s really disjointed relative to the rest of the piece,” he reportedly said of the aptly-titled Yeethoven, according to The Independent. “It’s very chaotic most of the time and then at the end it’s suddenly very jubilant and almost ecstatic…it’s so over the top relative to what’s happened before it. And Kanye does the same thing with ‘New Slaves’.”

“New Slaves” was performed in a mashup with Beethoven’s “Overture to Egmont, op. 84,” and was received with cheers during the start of the performance. Five other songs from both Beezy and Yeezy were mashed-up, such as “Blood On The Leaves” and the “Fifth Symphony,” as well as “On Sight” and “14 String Quartet.” Genius.

The arranger’s note the similarities between the composer and producer/rapper, stating that their shared ambition to make their mark on humanity is what attributed to making the mashups, and why they work.

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Check out Soundcloud for the entire performance.