Playtime Worldwide Is The Perfect Counter Culture To Today’s Cliche Bar Scene


Kel Spencer has never had any “blood” sisters, but let the Brooklyn-born author and entrepreneur tell it, he’s always had a gang of “play-play big sisters” who for whatever reason would seek council from him when it came to dating. After spending years being a listening ear for his homegirls, Spencer decided to turn this innate quality into something more.

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“In 2009, I decided since I naturally have these kind of connections, let me create a project that symbolizes that connection, so I put out an album called Salon Stories, which is basically a relationship-based album,” he says. “It wasn’t a Steve Harvey type deal where I was giving advice, but it was just a platform for the conversation.”

Spencer, who also has an American Music Award and Soul Train Award on his mantel, received a warm reception from the project, which later became a springboard for him to launch Playtime. The organization is committed to allowing adults tired of the bar and club scene to come together in a fun environment and build relationships–be it professional, platonic or romantic–while simultaneously serving the community.

And with the cold weather (hopefully) behind those on the East Coast, Spencer has a host of events planned for the organization, which boasts nearly 6,000 members. One of which is an upcoming game night at New York’s Bowlmore Lanes. Beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 22, singles, couples and those in situationships can mingle, bowl or see just how dope they are by entering the Taboo tournament.

“It’ just different,” Spencer adds.

Different indeed.