Premiere: Kelechi Rocks The Stage With Chance The Rapper In Charlotte

It’s hard out here for upcoming rappers. They have to get hot in their city, then catch flame outside of their hometown and we can’t forget about the Internet. This is all in hopes they’ll convince people that their music is worth listening to.

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Enter newcomer Kelechi. The Atlanta native has been building his buzz down in A some time now. Recently, he also went out on the road with Chance The Rapper’s Family Matters Tour. During their stop in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kel rocked the stage, and went right into promo mode for his upcoming album. Kel invited fans to the studio to listen to his upcoming project, Before The Quarter (MTN DEW/Greenlabel).

If you haven’t yet, you can stream Kelechi’s Loose Change(s) EP here, and get up to date info on Before The Quarter over at his website also dubbed Before The Quarter.

BTQ album will be released on May 6th.