Kendrick Lamar Remembers Kobe Bryant In “Fade To Black” Video

Kendrick Lamar will always bleed yellow and purple — that much is true. To furher exemplify this fact, pay close attention to this video,.

On Wednesday, the beloved Laker Kobe Bryant, will play his last NBA game against the Utah Jazz at L.A.’s Staple Center. After twenty years of dominating the NBA, the Black Mamba left his mark on the culture and all kids in L.A. — and across the world.

As hip-hop says farewell to Kobe, veteran writer Scoop Jackson teamed with Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar for a tribute video dubbed “Fade To Black.” In the three minute video, Kendrick’s “Levitate” plays as he reminisces on some of Kobe’s finest moments in the league. He remembers the hometown hero throwing one down over a then-rookie Dwight Howard, making a poster over Steve Nash, and the famous backboard buzzer beater of Dwayne Wade.