Reebok’s Director Of Entertainment Marketing Says He “Chased” Kendrick Lamar For Two Years

Kendrick Lamar is no doubt a busy man, and one of Reebok’s officials received a first hand look at how hard it was to land a meeting with the Grammy Award-winning lyricist.

In an interview with Complex, Damion Presson, Reebok’s Director of Entertainment Marketing, detailed how long it took for him to get Lamar to sign on the dotted line for their collaboration. “I basically chased [Kendrick] for about two years. It took about two years to get them to call me back,” Presson said. “I was constantly calling, calling, and calling, and finally we met out in Vegas and had a great meeting. They were ready to do a partnership, and then we actually made it happen.”

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Given the thought-provoking messages that Lamar cements on his soundscapes, Presson said it gave the company even more incentive to lock in their partnership with the “Swimming Pools” rapper, and show that it was more than just another collaboration between an artist and an apparel company.

On the subject of the Compton native’s Ventilator sneakers collection, Presson shared the eye-opening significance behind the creation of the footwear.

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“These shoes are speaking to the youth in a different way, as opposed to how the other artists are putting out footwear. No knock to the other artists putting out footwear, but I think that [Kendrick] has a message behind his shoes,” he said. “I think it’s a bigger message to what Kendrick is trying to do in terms of just changing the culture and having people think. You get the shoes and there’s a message. You kind of look at the shoes and you see unity on the shoes. You see red and blue, but it goes bigger than just red and blue. This is about unity of everything that’s going on with the world — that we all are one. It’s not a black thing or a white thing or an Asian thing. It’s a humanity thing.”