Kid Cudi Explains Why ‘Man On The Moon III’ Will Never Exist

For quite some time, fans have been waiting for more details behind the aforementioned Man On The Moon III project by Kid Cudi. While the artist has stated the album wouldn’t be connected to his prior projects, he made it abundantly clear in an interview with Billboard that the album will never exist.

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Time and growth lead to the rapper’s decision not to close out the final installment of the proposed trilogy. After planning to release the album after his indie rock detour Speedin Bullet, he changed his mind.

“Guys, you have to realize: I came up with Man on the Moon when I was a young man,” he explained. “People change their vibe! We can follow the same template and do the five-act split. Sonically, I’m still going to be where I’m at. Honestly, I was ready to live up to the obligation and do Man on the Moon 3. I haven’t been dicking around. I was planning on doing it after Speedin’ Bullet. But the Speedin’ Bullet response tore me up. It made me realize what’s most important. I’m getting back on the bike again and doing what I do best: me.”

His alternative rock effort broke the rapper’s top 10 streak of albums, after it debuted at number 36 on the Billboard 200 charts. Speaking bluntly, Cudder said he has plenty of more music to offer his fans to suppress their longing for “the old Cudi.” “I don’t even feel obligated to do Man on the Moon 3 anymore,” he said. “As of right now, people should just get that off their mind. That’s not ever going to happen. It’d be different if the first two were platinum. They’re not even platinum! Man on the Moon 1 is like 860,000 sold. It’s hanging on by a thread.”

For some, it will be a hard notion to come to terms with. This doesn’t mean the rapper is done with the music game just yet. After releasing the gems “The Frequency” and “All In” via Soundcloud, he says he prepared to show today’s music heads why his cult following is so strong. “People think that I’ve peaked. I haven’t even gotten a f—ing nut off yet,” he said. “I’ve been pre-cumming for the last eight years. I haven’t even ejaculated a full spew yet. So motherf—rs better get prepared.”

Cudi also shared his battle with depression and reunion with “big bro” Kanye West for his The Life of Pablo album.

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