LeBron James Takes On New Job As ‘Ron The Pizza Guy’

LeBron James is a man of many talents, and it looks like making pizza from scratch is one of his hidden gifts.

Last month, the Cleveland Cavalier showcased his pie skills when he stunned a few customers at Blaze Pizza in Pasadena, Calif. Although a few patrons failed to recognize who exactly James was, other pizza lovers were psyched that their lunch break came with an added surprise.

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Under the alias Ron, the 31-year-old pro-athlete told inquiring customers that it was his first day on the job. “I’m learning, I’m shadowing,” he said. “A really tall shadow.” Over the course of his day job, one customer even stated that James resembled one of his former teammates, Dwayne Wade. “I get that a lot,” he quickly responds. “I’ve heard of that guy too.”

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James recently became the pizza chain’s spokesperson, and reportedly invested in nearly 10 restaurants across the country. In a statement issued to ESPN, Blaze Pizza co-founder, Rick Wetzel said, “LeBron came on as a founding investor and he had been silent and in the background. Now we’re using him to get our message out there and put the spotlight on our brand.”

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