Who Killed It: Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz’ ‘Collegrove’ Collaborations Ranked

After nearly 10 years of trading rhymes on collaborative songs, Wayne and 2 Chainz, have shaken up the hip-hop community with their first joint album since they first linked up on Playaz Circle’s “Duffle Bag Boy” in 2007. Now the “Bandz A Make Her Dance” rappers have rocked the industry with their first-ever duo album ColleGrove.

The 12-track LP features eight tracks between Tit and Weezy — and four solo records from the ATLien’s previous mixtape Felt Like Cappin. With contributions from producers like Metro Boomin’, Infamous, Mannie Fresh, and London On The Track, the sonic homage to their hometowns (College Park, GA and Hollygrove, LA) proves how strong their bond has become over the last decade.

Their inaugural LP is a testament to their undeniable chemistry on wax. After taking some time to analyze the album, we’ve ranked their eight collaborative tracks from worst to best based on their lyricism and overall sound. Let us know how you feel about the list in the comments.

8. “Bentley Trunk” [Prod. by Metro Boomin’ & Frank Dukes]

Out of all of their efforts on the project, “Bentley Truck” is the most underwhelming record on the album. Although Metro Boomin’s production is on point, Tity Boi’s repetitive bars and four-syllable bars were simply unimpressive.

“This the shit you play when you smoke a zip and up
This the shit you play when you sippin’ out a cup” – 2 Chainz

Meanwhile, Wayne tries to embody the “Not Invited” rapper’s flow, but eventually goes off on his own tangent. Although it’s his weakest verse on the album, Wayne keeps up his consistency with another narcissistic food reference.

I talk that shit, she caught that line, I call that fish filet
And all of my niggas is A1, and y’all lil niggas look like steak – Lil Wayne

7. “Section” [Prod. by London on the Track]

Tity Boi and Wayne fight off anyone trying to invade their personal space on “Section.” Both rappers flex on all the overbearing haters who try to bring them down.

“Fuck is you doing in my section
Fuck my girl with no protection
Fuck the world with no protection
She fell in love with my profession” – 2 Chainz

Although they got London on the Track to hold down the boards, the song doesn’t necessarily measure up lyrically in comparison to the rest of their collaborations. 2 Chainz managed to offer intermediate rhyme schemes while Wayne shined with his vivid bars about bears.

“She pull my dick out and get a bear hug/ And then the bitch swallow all of these cubs.” – Lil Wayne

6. “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday” [Prod. by Lil’ C & The Mad Violinist]

The melodic cries from the violin in the enticing intro alone is enough to keep us addicted to the infectious lead single off ColleGrove. 2 Chainz’s memorable hook puts one’s eardrums in a trance and heightens the anticipation for each verse.

“I do me, I get high, I get fly, I get paid
I do me, I get high, I get fly everyday” – 2 Chainz

The Felt Like Cappin rapper embellishes his luxurious gains since his bank account first hit six figures. Meanwhile, Wayne keeps it gully with rhymes dedicated to his favorite biblical scripture “Money Over Bitches” and nods at his new alter ego: Homer Simpson.

“I think my palms are itching, I think my bomb is ticking
I keep that Maggie on me, I think I’m Homer Simpson.” – Lil Wayne

5. “Blue C-Note” [Prod by Mr. 2-17]

2 Chainz and Lil Wayne take their obsession with the newly-designed Ben Franklins to new heights on “Blue C-Note.” The College Park native spits his verse dedicated to the crispy, blue-striped $100 bill with one-two punch lines that put haters in their place.

“Spend without thinkin’, a tool without safety/I have ya broads taken, I have they heart achin’” – 2 Chainz

Weezy follows up with his own brief ode to the American C-Note. Before he closed out the track, the Hollygrove representative swiftly establishes his dominance amongst the new generation of money-hungry hustlers and struggle rappers who think they could ever ascend to his level.

“I got a hundred tats, I got a hundred million
I keep on switchin’ wifeys, you gotta Uncle Phil me” – Lil Wayne

4. “Gotta Lotta” [Prod. by Mannie Fresh]

Mannie Fresh gave Wayne and 2 Chainz a nostalgic beat that’s been retrofitted for their millennial fanbase. The OG Cash Money Millionaire blended his familiar snare patterns and hard-hitting bass line with his personal touch of synths that will captivate any loyal fan of the veteran DJ.

“And I done seen so many cowards croak
It’s like watching flowers grow
I mean please, don’t you cowards know?
We will leave your bloody body on your mama’s porch” – Lil Wayne

While the production is catchy to say the least, Wayne holds down the hook with his unique scatting as he raps about the massive amount of dope he’s got on deck. Wayne’s hook and verse take up a majority of the track, but 2 Chainz steals the spotlight once he drops hot gems in his verse.

“Lies is fake, God don’t make mistakes
Got the girl pussy smelling like Codeine Syrup
Got the bands on me like a football field, I’m ill” – 2 Chainz

3. “Bounce” [Prod. by Infamous]
“Bounce” allows us to hear how a rap battle between Tity Boi and Weezy would sound. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz sling aggressive shots back and forth at each other as if they were in the ring fighting for the coveted title of “Best Rapper Alive.”

“It’s gon’ be trouble, we come through and catch you while you cuddle
Them shotgun barrels like tunnels nigga, don’t even mumble” – Lil Wayne

Miami producer Infamous, who has produced for Wayne since 2007, comes through in the clutch with an energetic street banger that sounds like a long-lost descendant of Wayne’s previous, top-charting singles like the Cory Gunz assisted “A Milli.” “Bounce” earns its place in the top 5 for keeping the spirit of battle rap alive.

“I’m back to ballin’, I’m in the back full of magnums only
Pull on the scene and I fuck your queen playing Pastor Troy” – 2 Chainz

2. “Smell Like Money” [Prod. by Honorable C-N.O.T.E]
Tunechi and Tity Boi take hold of the Honorable C.N.O.T.E’s godly instrumental to channel their inner legend in “Smell Like Money.” As the aura of Carter V lingers throughout the record, Wayne’s verse evolves from bragging about his lavish lifestyle to reliving his come-up through sandwich meats.

“My chances are cold cut thin, but I still took ‘em and nigga we made it
T roll that killer, weed up in the swisher, and make it as fat as a pig in a blanket” – Lil Wayne

After Wayne rips the intro, 2 Chainz intervenes with his own unforgettable verse “Smell Like Money” comes in second based on the songs quotable bars alone. There’s no denying that 2 Chainz’s new alias ‘Trill Cosby’ is the best thing to come from the track. Even though he continues to tease us with C5, the song proves Wayne still has the power to speak volumes with just a handful of bars.

“Through the concrete grew a rose petal If trapping was a sport, I’d have a gold medal I steal her like Jerome Bettis Call me Trill Cosby, I might spike my own beverage” – 2 Chainz

1. “What Happened” [Prod. by Ben Billions]

Wayne and 2 Chainz know how to keep the ladies coming back for more, and have no shame about calling them out for leaving in the first place. “What Happened” is a club record dedicated to the eccentric, seemingly independent woman who can cause all kinds of public scenes accompanied with trash talking as she walks out on her man, yet she has a change of heart and makes a u-turn right back into their ex’s arms.

“I bet you think you found another nigga you can vibe with
Quit lying to yourself, retrace all ya steps
Fucking with them suckers, they gonna have ya playing with yaself” – 2 Chainz

Their charismatic energy flows together to form their most amusing collaboration since “Rich As Fuck.” While the Street Exec CEO makes strides to keep up with the Young Money founder, Weezy blesses the Ben Billions produced track with incredibly clever puns and revitalized lyrics that we’ve come to expect from the NOLA legend.

She said ‘oh, you got that comeback’, she said my dick is a necessity
“Drop my drawers, and pull out my longevity
She just hop on it, and then she forget everything” – Lil Wayne