Lil Wayne Believes There’s A Lack Of Competitiveness In Hip Hop

“Greatest Rapper Alive” mantra owner Lil Wayne is sharing his thoughts on the rap game in a very candid way.

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Wayne and 2 Chainz paid a visit to DJ Drama’s Shade 45 radio show to discuss their latest release ColleGrove. Wayne took a critical view at today’s contemporary rappers by mentioning their ambitions aren’t as competitively driven as the acts that came before them.

He also points out the after effect, which he sees as a trend-by-trend thread of hip-hop music.

“They settle for what works, and it’s working,” he said. “It works for them, and that’s why you don’t hear me knocking them. You don’t hear me hating, saying ‘this is that’ or ‘this shouldn’t be’ or ‘you shouldn’t do this’ or ‘you shouldn’t do that,’ because it actually works for them. If it works, it works.”

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He later reminded listeners of his own career highs, like his “Best Rapper Alive” spree back in the mid-2000’s. With hit after hit, Weezy was on the top of everyone’s best rapper list as he declared his stance in rap.

“I’m part of a different culture, a different wave of music, and that wave was, you know, Jay Z, Nas, Biggie,” he explains. “At that time, it was all about being the best. I mean, I’m quoted for saying I’m the best rapper alive. Nowadays, nobody… they ain’t trying to be the best rapper, or the best at anything. They’re just trying to be them and do what the other people say is OK. I’m not a part of that culture and I’m damn sure happy I’m not.”

With the exceptions of the “big three” (Kendrick, J.Cole, Drake,) the “best” conversation seems to have gone out the window. As Wayne mentions, it’s not a problem, but it also speaks wonders on what listeners or artists are now tolerating as a success. With indie acts making a name for themselves without labels to new sub-genres sprouting by the hour, hip-hop’s face and sound have subsequently changed.

Further in the conversation, Chainz speaks on his position in the rap game and how changes in music streaming and album release dates have created different effects for rappers on the come up. Weezy also confirmed that a Dedication 6 mixtape is on the way.

Check out Wayne’s thoughts on the “Best Rapper Alive” topic around the 8:30 mark below.

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