Lupe Fiasco Releases The Names Of His Final Three Albums

As time goes on, it’s becoming a sad reality that we’re heading towards the “LUPend” of Lupe Fiasco’s career. On Thursday, (April 14) the rapper without warning, released the three names of his final albums, DROGAS, DROGAS light* and SKULLS respectively on Twitter.

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Previously, the rapper announced in January that Roy would be the title of one his final albums. In several updates, the Chicago native informed fans of the changes as well as possible album art to the three projects and a brief skit, giving identity to DROGAS.

All of the projects will be released this year, outwardly appearing like this could be Lupe’s final year in the rap game. The rapper has hinted in the past about retirement, including his plan to walk away from the game after the release of Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, in 2012. He went on to release his fifth album Tetsuo & Youth and the surprise mixtape Pharaoh Height in 2015.

In addition to the artwork and album names, Lupe released one of what can be many interviews that tell the story behind DROGAS. The conversation includes one between himself and activists Keith Stallings and Aaron Ireland of L.O.T.U.S (Lifting Ourselves Through Us.)

The group calls for Hip-Hop artists and outlets such as Chicago radio station WGCI to acknowledge their role in troubling effects of Chicago gang violence.

“We want advertisers and we want the media, such as the radio, to respect us like we respect ourselves,” Ireland says . “As long as they’re profiting off of our kids and off of us, we demand that you respect our values and our morals. Part of our values and morals are that, during the 8, we don’t want to bombard our kids with talk of drugs, guns, and violence. We want to make other things cool so that we can have positive role models for the future.”

You can check out the 10-minute discussion below.

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