After 17 Years, Mariah Carey’s Alter-Ego ‘Bianca’ Is Back

Mariah Carey took “Flashback Friday” to another level this week when she brought back her man-stealing arch-nemesis, Bianca.

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The raven-haired beauty popped up on the singer’s Instagram Friday (April 15) in all black everything with the captions, “Ladies and gentlemen… #Bianca” and “#Bianca returns.” In case you don’t remember, Bianca stole Mariah’s man (played by actor Jerry McConnell) in the music video for the 1999 hit single, “Heartbreaker” featuring  Jay Z.

The ladies took part in a bathroom brawl and later in a glass cube (cause 90’s)  for the video to the remix featuring Missy Elliott and Da Brat.

No word on if Bianca will make an appearance on the singer’s upcoming docu-series on E!, but we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll see her.

Hop into a Mariah-YouTube void starting with “Heartbreaker” below.

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