Marshawn Lynch Assists Fellow NFL Players In Building A School In Haiti

Although Marshawn Lynch is newly retired from the league, the former Seattle Seahawks running back remains on his toes and lent his talents to a greater cause.

In support of Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril, Lynch and other NFL players traveled down to Haiti to help construct a school.

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“It’s awesome to have their support, it’s awesome to be in a situation where guys are willing to take that step with you,” Avril shared with the Seahawks’ site. “Marshawn wants to help actually build the school out there. There’s a lot of good guys in the NFL … It’s cool to have these guys’ support.”

Avril said he traveled back to Haiti to give back in honor of his parents who emigrated to America in the early 80s. The pro-athlete also shared why they decided to build a school, stating that it’s a symbol of furthering the education system in Haiti and shaping the precocious minds of the youth to better their country, specifically in terms of health and wellness.

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“…my foundation is geared towards juvenile diabetes, and I feel like education is a big part of understanding how to beat it or how to cope. Just knowing what to eat and what not to eat,” he said. “Everybody in my family (in Haiti) pretty much had diabetes, and it was all due to the diet they had there. That’s one of the main reasons we’re doing the school. We’ll do a garden at the school to teach healthy eating and healthy living, and also we’re doing a health clinic as well. We’ll partner up with some doctors out there to do a health clinic. Then we’ll finish off with a football camp on Saturday. In Haiti, they don’t really gravitate towards American football, they mostly play soccer. So just give local kids a look at what some Haitian guys are doing in America.”