Massy Arias’ Workout Plan: How To Really Grow A Booty

The current booty craze and thick-fit trend taking over just about every millennial’s social media timeline will have you thinking you need to squat your life away to make the most of out the largest muscle in your body. It’s either that, or make an appointment at your local butt injection doctor, right? Wrong. (Seriously, don’t do it).

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Contrary to popular belief, the key to building robust coconuts, isn’t purely about doing your squats, but more about repairing the fibers you tear trying to build them. Not to mention, a clean diet and proper rest time.

“What happens when you go to the gym and squat — you’re breaking muscle fibers, ” explains Massy Arias to Latina. “In order for those muscle fibers to get stronger and create hypertrophy, you need to give the body what it needs in terms of nutrition, proper protein intake, and also, you need to let that muscle rebuild.”

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Watch Massy debunk other fitness myths. You won’t be sorry!