A Michigan High School Student Causes Controversy By Dressing Up In KKK Attire

A Michigan high school is facing major criticism after a student dressed as a Ku Klux Klan member.

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The student wore the costume for a presentation on racism and history, according to the administration of Niles High School. Yet, members of the community were still surprised the attire was even permitted as part of the skit.

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“When you see that, it kind of raises some questions about what’s really going on around here,”  said local pastor Bryant Bacon of Mount Calvary Baptist Church. “You look at all the different things that’s going on around the country already with race relations, and you don’t think that you’d have to be dealing with that kind of stuff here.”

Yet Pastor Bacon also went on to say that the presentation spurred a conversation of what is appropriate or not, especially in the classroom. “If we’re going to address these issues, then the teachers need to be trained a little bit better in how they address these issues, so it does not create any kind of tension,” he concluded.

Although, the school did release a statement saying, “The inclusion of these props and costumes was highly inappropriate and insensitive. An investigation into the approval process for the skits and related classroom oversight is underway.”

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